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Sign up for PRIZE PICKS and use our promo code  FANTASYHQ to get 100% of your initial deposit matched.

If you put in $20, then they will match and give you $20!

When you use our promo code - you will be entered to win a SIGNED ANTONIO GIBSON JERSEY and a spot in our HQ DYNASTY LEAGUE!


*Giveaway ends 1/18/21

*If you have already signed up with code FantasyHQ - you are already entered!

*100% deposit match up to $100


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Prize Picks Has a New Entry Option Called the 5 Pick Flex Play!

  1. Choose 5 players OVER/UNDERS

  2. Get all 5 right and 10X your entry!

  3. Get 4/5 right and 2X your entry!

  4. Get 3/5 right and you at least get half your entry back

1. Choose Players

Choose 2, 3 or up to 4 players for one entry. Place your perfect entry by utilizing our cross-sport ability.

2. Over/Under

Choose the over or under on the players’ projected fantasy outcome.

3. Profit

Sit back, turn the game on, enjoy. Use live player tracking to follow along and make some money while watching your favorite sport.

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