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PRIZE PICKS: Wildcard Weekend! (Antonio Gibson Giveaway)

Prize Picks is our new favorite way to play daily fantasy football! Out of the fantasy playoffs? No problem! Set a lineup or two in Prize Picks and you're back in the game! Entries are so simple, they can be made in less than 60 seconds. On PrizePicks, you simply select 2, 3, 4, or 5 players and predict if they will go over or under their fantasy projection.

Prize Picks Has a New Entry Option Called the 5 Pick Flex Play!

We've started to love playing the 5 pick flex plays!

  1. Choose 5 players OVER/UNDERS

  2. Get all 5 right and 10X your entry!

  3. Get 4/5 right and 2X your entry!

  4. Get 3/5 right and you at least get half your entry back!

Sunday we went 5/5 on our picks in a 5 pick flex and 3/3 in a 3 player power play!

Sign up for Prize Picks this week and you are entered to win a signed Antonio Gibson jersey and a spot in our HQ Dynasty League!

*If you have already signed up with code FantasyHQ - you are already entered!

We try to lay out a few Over/Unders that we feel good about for each slate, and encourage you to take our advice, but put your own twist on it! We aren't perfect and we can't see the future - our goal is merely to help you make the most informed entries you can.

**We recommend either playing a 3 or 5 player FLEX game**

Week 17 - Sunday Picks

*Reminder - points are in PPR format!

This week we picked 5 over/unders that we really like, and also included 5 "lower confidence" picks that we will mix into some lineups!

JK Dobbins vs TEN - 13.5 points - OVER

Dobbins still splits work with Gus Edwards, but it is clear that he is Baltimore's favorite back. He has a TD in each of his last 6 games, and we expect the Ravens to continue to lean on him vs. a weak Titans rushing defense. As long as he brings in a TD, he should be able to hit this 13.5 mark fairly easily. The only concern is that he really isn't involved in the passing game. If he doesn't get the targets, and doesn't get a TD, he's going to need a 135 yard game on the ground, which is tough to bet on.

Logan Thomas vs TB - 10.6 points - OVER

Logan Thomas has been a key piece of the Washington Football Defense over the second half of the season. He's been over this 10.6 mark in 5 of the last 6 games, and the one game he missed, he still had 10.3 points. He has had 50 targets over the last 5 weeks, which gives him an incredibly high floor in PPR. I also wouldn't put it past WFT to pull out another trick play involving Thomas passing the ball this weekend.

Tom Brady vs WFT - 22.5 points - UNDER Brady has been dynamite in fantasy the last couple of weeks, but we need to remember...he's faced 3 of the weakest defenses in the NFL. This week Brady will be back in the real world, facing one of the toughest Defenses and best pass rushes in the NFL. The D-line for Washington is elite, and they're going to be coming after Brady. 22.5 is a pretty high line for a QB with no rushing. DK Metcalf vs LAR - 15.5 points - UNDER Metcalf started the year with insane numbers, and has come back to reality in the last 8 games. A big part of that is due to matching up with Jalen Ramsey in two matchups in the second half of the season. Ramsey is the BEST shadow CB in the NFL, and he's fantastic at picking on young WR's who aren't as skilled at hiding their routes. Metcalf was held to 4.9 and 11.9 point games in the last two matchups vs the Rams. DK is going to need a big play to break his way if he wants to hit 15.5. Obviously, he is capable of hitting the big play...but I'm okay betting against it.

Stefon Diggs vs IND - 19 - OVER Diggs has been battling an injury this week, but it sounds like he's going to be ready to go for game time! I think the Bills come out swinging vs. the Colts, and Josh Allen takes over the game. Diggs will likely see 10+ targets, and will either be lined up on a slightly injured Rock Ya Sin, or (ideally) his former teammate Xavier Rhodes, who he knows how to destroy. Diggs has big upside this week, and 19 doesn't seem like a crazy number for him to hit, even without a TD.

Lower Confidence Picks We're Going to Mix Into Lineups...

Jonathan Taylor vs BUF - 18 points - OVER

If you're not aware...Taylor has been REALLY good over the last 5 weeks. He's had 7 TDs over that period, and has been over 18 points in every single game. He is right up there with David Montgomery as an end-of-the-season-hero as he's been destroying defenses. Buffalo is a decent defense, but they've been exposed by good runningbacks a number of times this year. I think Indy really tries to get it done on the ground this weekend, and Taylor will be the one carrying the load. The fear is defintiley that Buffalo will jump out to a lead, and the Colts will have to turn to Nyheim Hines as more of a pass catching back.

Nyheim Hines vs BUF - 10.5 points - OVER

On that note...We actually like Nyheim Hines this week too! He's been over 10.5 in 4 of the last 6 games, and one of his misses he still put up 10.4 points. Hines is going to be involved in the gameplan in some capacity no matter what; but if you think the Bills are going to get out to a lead, then Hines is a safe bet to get a lot of pass catching work and crush this line. Jacob Hollister vs LAR - 4.5 points - OVER

This one just feels funny to me. Jacob Hollister is an extremely average TE playing for the Seahawks. There's really nothing exciting about him, and frankly I was shocked to even see his name as an option on Prize Picks for this weekend. But...4.5 is such a ridiculously low line, that I think I'm going to take the over on it regardless of the player. A player can get 4.5 points by catching 2 passes for 25 yards. The Rams have really really good CB's that will likely force Russel Wilson to throw a few extra targets to the TE position. Will Hollister be the lucky TE of choice? Who know...but I'll take the chance! Alex Smith vs TB - 14 points - UNDER

I'm cheering for Alex Smith just as hard as anyone this weekend, but I don't think he's going to go over 14 points vs a tough Tampa Bay defense. Smith has been a decent real life NFL QB this year, but really hasn't brought anything to the table from the fantasy perspective. In his 6 games, Smith has been under 14 points in 3 games, he hit 14 on the nose in 1 game, and he's been barely over 14 (15.6 & 16) in 2 games. I'm excepting this game to be more of a defensive battle, and I'm projecting Smith to end in the 10-13 range. TB is VERY good vs. the run (hence, why I'm too scared to take the over on Gibson this week) so there's a chance Alex Smith comes out of the gate slinging it, knowing that their best shot at winning is through the air.

Devin Singletary vs INDY - 9 points - UNDER

This is the last one I'll throw in, and I'll keep it short. The Colts are good against the run, and quite frankly, the Bills don't like to run (with their RBs at least). When the Bills are playing their best football, they're keeping the ball in Josh Allen's hands. I don't expect them to come out with a run-heavy gameplan this week. Yes...9 is a pretty low line for any starting RB, but Singletary is really going to need a TD to hit this mark, and he only has 2 of those on the year.

So what do you think? Agree with some of our takes, and disagree with others? Enter YOUR picks on Prize Picks today!

We're also giving away 2 spots in our HQ Follower Dynasty League!

*If you have already signed up with code FantasyHQ - you are already entered!

*We encourage all players to enter responsibly. Only do entries within your means and stop if it is no longer enjoyable to you.

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