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PRIZE PICKS: Week 15 Saturday Games!

Prize Picks is our new favorite way to play daily fantasy football! Out of the fantasy playoffs? No problem! Set a lineup or two in Prize Picks and you're back in the game! Think Aaron Rodgers continues to play lights out? Pick his OVER and win real money today! The Monday night football shootout caught us off guard, but in our Week 14 Sunday Slate Blog, we nailed 7/8 of our picks! Entries are so simple, they can be made in less than 60 seconds. On PrizePicks, you simply select 2, 3, 4, or 5 players and predict if they will go over or under their fantasy projection.

Prize Picks Has a New Entry Option Called the 5 Pick Flex Play!

We've started to love playing the 5 pick flex plays!

  1. Choose 5 players OVER/UNDERS

  2. Get all 5 right and 10X your entry!

  3. Get 4/5 right and 2X your entry!

  4. Get 3/5 right and you at least get half your entry back!

Sunday we went 5/5 on our picks in a 5 pick flex and 10X'd our entry!

*If you have already signed up with code FantasyHQ - you are already entered!

We try to lay out a few Over/Unders that we feel good about for each slate, and encourage you to take our advice, but put your own twist on it! We aren't perfect and we can't see the future - our goal is merely to help you make the most informed entries you can.

**We recommend either playing a 3 or 5 player FLEX game** **For Monday/Thursday/Saturday single games, we typically recommend the 3 player flex! **

Week 15 - Saturday Matchups

*Reminder - points are in PPR format!

Bills vs. Broncos and Packers vs. Panthers!

The Packers and Panthers are expected to have the higher-scoring game with a total points line of 52. Neither team has been a tough defensive matchup for running games so far this year, though the Packers have been somewhat tough on fantasy QBs and WRs.

The Bills-Broncos game has a slightly lower line (49 points as of this post), but should still have enough scoring to support some solid fantasy options.

Aaron Jones vs CAR - 17.5 points - UNDER (Jared)

Carolina has been the 9th-easiest matchup for fantasy running backs. So why are we out on Aaron Jones here? First of all, the line is deceptively high. Jones has only gone over 17.5 one time since week 5 - and that was only because he ripped off a once-in-a-lifetime 77-yard touchdown run against Philly where all 11 members of the Eagles defense seemed to just ignore the concept of tackling. As much as Jones is an elite fantasy asset, he's still very much in a time-share for his backfield. To hit 17.5 in that setting, he needs multiple TDs or to be extremely efficient. With Green Bay perhaps throwing more to keep Rodgers in the MVP hunt, Jones could have a solid day without coming even close to this line. We'll take the under.

Tim Patrick vs BUF - 11 points - OVER (Trent)

Tim Patrick has been a huge surprise this season catching 43 passes for 643 yards, and 6 TD's in his 12 games. He's been over 11 points in 7 out of 12 games this year! This week it really depends on if he gets shadowed by Tre'Davious White or not. If White is on Patrick...he will likely fall under. We are projecting that White spends more time covering Jeudy who is a superior route runner, potentially leaving Patrick a bit more free. Patrick will likely need a TD or big play to hit this line, but I think it can happen! I don't think the Broncos can keep up with the Bills, but they're going to have to try - and that means passing volume for the breakout star Patrick.

Mike Davis @ GB - 14.5 points - OVER (Jared)

Green Bay has been downright dreadful at stopping the run game this season. In fact, they're the fourth-easiest matchup for fantasy RBs, giving up an average of 22.6 points to opposing RB groups. With Christian McCaffrey likely out, Davis essentially is the Carolina RB group. He consistently gets double-digit carries and 5+ targets, and the Panthers should be leaning heavily on the run game to keep Rodgers and the Packers offense off the field. The bonus for Davis is that his pass-catching work keeps him relevant even if Carolina falls behind early. That gives us a good feeling about Davis on a pretty middling 14.5-point line.

Robby Anderson @ GB - 15 points - UNDER (Trent)

Robby Anderson has been a solid fantasy asset all season long, but things have started to taper off just a little bit as of late. He's averaging just over 9 targets per game over the last 5 games, but he has only come down with 2 TD's on the year. This week we are projecting that he get's matchup up against Jaire Alexender who is a stud, lockdown cornerback. 15 points is just too high of a line for a guy with a tough matchup and a low TD rate.

Teddy Bridgewater - 18 points - UNDER (Jared) While we've noted the Packers' weakness to running backs, they've been a tough matchup for fantasy QBs. Carolina should be leaning heavily on its run game, especially in the red zone, so Bridgewater might have a bit of a cap on his scoring ceiling for the week. The risk here is that Bridgewater has actually been over 18 in seven of his thirteen games this year. But he's generally finished very consistently in the 14-20 range each week, without a lot of blowup games. In a tougher matchup and in a cold, outdoor game, the odds seem to favor Bridgewater finishing on the lower end of that range in week 15.

Cole Beasley- 14.5 points - OVER (Trent) Beasley has been pretty solid for the Bills since John Brown has been out with an injury. Over the last 4 weeks, he has averaged 9.5 targets per game. He has two games over 109 yards, and 2 TD's over that time. He has a pretty good matchup in the slot vs. Will Parks, which should mean Josh Allen should be keyed in on him. 14.5 is a fairly high line, but Beasley is a PPR machine, who could realistically hit this line without a TD, going 7 for 75 yards. So what do you think? Agree with some of our takes, and disagree with others? Enter YOUR picks on Prize Picks today!

*If you have already signed up with code FantasyHQ - you are already entered!

*We encourage all players to enter responsibly. Only do entries within your means and stop if it is no longer enjoyable to you.

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